Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape

Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape


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Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant tape is a 100% expanded PTFE gasket material and combined with a self-adhesive strip for easy application.
It can be used as a jointing on all types of flanges and can be used with almost all fluids for its excellent corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, convenient in using, soft and stretched structure, Sticked onto sealing face (it has glue on one face) with one piece of belt, two ends of which are crossed together that would be formed a sealing gasket. So it is an ideal sealing material for enamel, glass, rough and special shaped sealing surface.

• Made from 100% multi-directionally expanded PTFE
• Chemically inert
• Temperature resistant
• Highly conformable
• Dimensionally stable
• Resists creep & cold flow
• Replace sheet gasketing
• Easy to install
• Installs quickly around shaft assemblies
• Lowers inventory, delivery and installation costs
• Unaffected by virtually all common chemicals
• Superior sealing reliability & longer gasket life
• Lower total sealing cost

It is equal in function to very expensive brands, but is less than half the price.

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(Width)3mmx(THK)1.5mmx(L)30m, (Width)5mmx(THK)2mmx(L)25m, (Width)7mmx(THK)2.5mmx(L)15m, (Width)10mmx(THK)3mmx(L)10m, (Width)12mmx(THK)4.2mmx(L)10m, (Width)14mmx(THK)5mmx(L)10m, (Width)17mmx(THK)6mmx(L)10m, (Width)20mmx(THK)7mmx(L)5m, (Width)25mmx(THK)5mmx(L)5m


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