Cotton Packing with Grease BP47

Ramie Packing with graphite & oil impregnation, Square braided construction, graphite coated and mineral oil lubricated throughout.


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Cotton Fiber Packing with Grease with yellow grease is cotton fiber packing With Oil Pre impregnated, twisted cotton yarns,intensively reimpregnated during braiding. Flexible and elastic,easy to handle. Cotton grease packing an economical packing for the limits of application stated.


• Suitable for rotary and reciprocating pumps
• Flexible and elastic,easy to handle
• Longer time using time


• Rotary pumps and valves in power stations
• Agitators
• Valves
• Sea water
• Water
• Alcohol., etc
Main Features:

Pressure Rotary pump 10 bar
Reciprocating pump 20 bar
Static Sealing 60 bar
Rotary speed 10 m/s
Density 1.25g/cm3
Temperature -50~+100°C
PH Value 0~14

Additional information

Weight N/A
Size of Packing

[12mmx12mm], [4mmx4mm], 1/2″[13mmx13mm], 1/4″[6mmx6mm], 1/8"[3mmx3mm], 1″[25mmx25mm], 3/16″[5mmx5mm], 3/4″[19mmx19mm], 3/8″[10mmx10mm], 5/16″[8mmx8mm], 5/8″[16mmx16mm], 7/8″[22mmx22mm], 9/16″[14mmx14mm]

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by individual foot, by individual lb, by individual meter, Standard Spool(10Kgs), Standard Spool(5Kgs)


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