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PTFE Packing with free oil is made of 100% PTFE yarn, without the use of additional lubricants or break-in oils. Fast and simple to install, with minimum maintenance requirements. Teflon Packing can be adjusted very finely and reduced to extremely low levels. High chemical resistance, very low coefficients of friction.

Teflon Packing is suitable for seals valve and seals pump used in food processing, pharmaceuitcal, paper mills, fiber plant, where high purity and corrosion resistance is required. Without any lubricant. (Food grade packing)

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Dry, Lubricate


1/8"[3mmx3mm], 3/16"[5mmx5mm], 1/4"[6mmx6mm], 5/16"[8mmx8mm], 3/8"[10mmx10mm], 7/16"[11mmx11mm], 1/2"[13mmx13mm], 9/16"[14mmx14mm], 5/8"[16mmx16mm], 3/4"[19mmx19mm], 7/8"[22mmx22mm], 1"[25mmx25mm]

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